Our rafting trips, while not as arduous as our backpacking trips, still require a fairly high degree of agility, strength and conditioning. Each person is an essential part of the paddle crew and must be able to participate fully in the paddling that is required, as well as getting in and out of the boat frequently in shallow water.

Hulahula River Rafting

Homesick Hawaiian natives, shanghied to work on whaling ships at the turn of the century, named the Hulahula river for the way it snakes across the coastal plain in the Arctic Refuge. On this outstanding river trip, you’ll experience the full range of the Arctic North Slope. Beginning high up in the mountains near the […]


Kongakut River Rafting

Rafting the Kongakut is a classic Arctic river experience. Beginning in the heart of the mountains, we paddle this fast-paced river through beautiful wide valleys and exciting canyons, to the expansive vistas of the take-out point in the last foothills before the plains. From a high point above this camp, you can get an unobstructed […]


Nigu River Rafting

The Nigu River merges with the Etivluk, which then flows north into the immense Colville River drainage northwest of Gates of the Arctic National Park. These remote, rarely run rivers carve a course from within the mountains out across the rolling tundra of the north slope, offering an exceptional wilderness experience in vast, unusually beautiful […]


Canning River Rafting

This river, its lower stretch forming the NW boundary of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, is one of the Brooks Range’s often overlooked gems. Its unusual beauty has attracted landscape artists, enticing them to capture its colors, moods and vibrant energy. The beauty begins with the bush flight in from Arctic Village, through scenery so […]