Picking the Best Trip for You

Picking the Best Trip for You


Our use of the word “ultimate” to describe our backpacking, rafting and hiking trips is not marketing hyperbole, but a simple statement of fact. It is the consistent feedback from our well-traveled clients that reminds us that our trips in the vast, untouched wilderness of the Alaskan arctic are beyond anything they’ve ever experienced and that doing expedition style, small group, owner led trips is about as different from standard “big company” adventure travel trips as they could imagine.




While each of our trips is psychologically committing because of the remoteness, there is a range in the degree of physical difficulty and conditioning necessary. Our backpack trips are the most challenging, and are generally suitable only for experienced backpackers and/or those in excellent physical condition.




Our rafting trips, while not as arduous as our backpacking trips, still require a fairly high degree of agility, strength and conditioning. Each person is an essential part of the paddle crew and must be able to participate fully in the paddling that is required, as well as getting in and out of the boat frequently in shallow water.




Our basecamp trips are most suitable for the widest range of abilities and conditioning.


While there are great day hiking opportunities for those who really want to stretch their legs, it’s also possible to just explore and photograph closer to camp.


Please talk to us if you have further questions about our trips, and how you can choose the best trip, and best prepare for it. We love sharing this arctic wilderness with all those who are truly called. We’ve had people from ages 5 to 80 on our trips, with a wide range of abilities and we also want to make sure that our clients’ experience with us are as safe and enjoyable as possible.