Molly Gillespie

Molly Dullanty Gillespie is originally from Spokane, WA and came to Alaska in 1998, where she first met her husband, Jeff. A lover of mountains, rivers, wildflowers and wild spaces, Molly enjoys gaining knowledge of the natural world and sharing it with others as a guide and educator. She lives in two homes (Cantwell, AK and River Falls, SC) chasing Spring and Autumn across the country every year. In the winter, she is a naturalist and instructor for Muddy Sneakers: The Joy of Learning Outside, based in Brevard, NC, where she delights in getting 5th graders outside to learn science. Molly enjoys watching young people absorb the wonders of nature and hopes to make an impact on the next generation of conservationists. In the summer, Molly works at the outdoor retailer, Denali Mountain Works, explores the woods and mountains with her curly brown dog, enjoys gardening and homesteading, and is a berry picking fanatic. Since her first Arctic Treks trip in 2006, Molly has been especially passionate about preserving the Arctic’s wildness, and loves watching others absorb its wonders as well!

Molly Dullanty Gillespie

PO Box 176
Cantwell, AK 99729

144 Bailey Creek Rd.
Marietta, SC 29661

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“There’s an indefinable energy here, maybe because it’s so far north, so close to the magnetic pole. You can almost see the curvature of the earth as you look north. You feel that you’re on the top of the world.”

—Carol Kasza