We can design custom trips for groups of 3-9. These can be tailored to your desired dates and interests, and can include trips we’re currently running, others that we’ve done in the past, or completely new adventures. Here are some of the trips we’ve run in the past. Contact us to explore the possibilities!

Utukok Basecamp

The incongruously named “Natl. Petroleum Reserve-Alaska” (NPRA) is an area that we feel is of great importance. Encompassing the largest single unit of public land in our nation, this vast tract of land in the Western Arctic, lying between the Brooks Range and the Arctic Ocean, is one of the wildest and most remote areas […]


Phillip Smith Mountains Backpack

Backpacking in the Brooks Range is the ultimate backpacking experience. Until you experience it, it’s hard to imagine what it feels like to be a true explorer, with absolutely no trails, markers or campsites directing your way. Instead, we rely on the vegetation and terrain to tell us the best way to navigate through this […]