Weather Patterns

Sept 2013

The unusual weather patterns that started this spring continued to surprise us as we moved into fall. The first week of August we had the most benign, gentle, warm weather we can ever recall for that time of year, as we floated leisurely down the Kongakut with a gentle tail wind and lounged on gravel bar beaches in balmy 70-80 degree temperatures, taking dips in the river to cool off. Then on our Fall Caribou Basecamp trip, we set a new cold temperature record, with lows in the single digits and blowing snow storms. But even with those challenges, we had such beauty on that trip, with the fresh snow dramatically outlining the mountains and glorious cloud and light shows—not to mention the northern lights show one night! And once again, we had a great group of people on that trip, who embraced and celebrated each wild moment we shared.

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“Whenever things get too rough, I think of those wonderful days in the Brooks [Range], the indescribable feelings of peace and awe; the fantastic views of that rugged, overpowering, yet fragile nature comes back to my mind—and I feel better.”

—Ancha Dressler