Voice of the Wild

November 2013Read full article HERE

We just returned from the most wonderful celebration at the Burke Museum in Seattle, as we received the 2013 Voice of the Wild award from the Alaska Wilderness League, recognizing our commitment to promoting conservation for Alaska’s remarkable wild places. For us, this award was such a meaningful acknowledgement of all that we’ve done for over 30 years to protect these beautiful wild arctic lands that we love, and a recognition not just of Jim and I, but of all of us who collectively have been able to make a difference: our incredible guides Cyn, Shannon, Country, Molly and Ty; our bush pilot extraordinaire Dirk and his partner and wife Danielle; our children Kendra and Kyle who grew up with Arctic Treks as another family member and helped us in so many ways; and most importantly, all of the wonderful, caring people who came and did trips with us, and then went home and took action to help protect this arctic land they too came to know and love. Much of this beautiful “extended family” was there with us in Seattle to share in this celebration, and our hearts are still glowing from the joy and the love!

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“There’s an indefinable energy here, maybe because it’s so far north, so close to the magnetic pole. You can almost see the curvature of the earth as you look north. You feel that you’re on the top of the world.”

—Carol Kasza