Conservation Plan for the Arctic

January 2015

Exciting news!! President Obama and the Dept. of the Interior announced the new Comprehensive Conservation Plan for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, which provides management direction for the Refuge for the next 15 years, and for the first time ever, recommends Wilderness designation for the entire Refuge, including the contested 1002 area on the coastal […]


Voice of the Wild

November 2013

Read full article HERE We just returned from the most wonderful celebration at the Burke Museum in Seattle, as we received the 2013 Voice of the Wild award from the Alaska Wilderness League, recognizing our commitment to promoting conservation for Alaska’s remarkable wild places. For us, this award was such a meaningful acknowledgement of all […]


Weather Patterns

Sept 2013

The unusual weather patterns that started this spring continued to surprise us as we moved into fall. The first week of August we had the most benign, gentle, warm weather we can ever recall for that time of year, as we floated leisurely down the Kongakut with a gentle tail wind and lounged on gravel […]


Meeting Friends

July 2013

One of the most rewarding things for us in running Arctic Treks is all the wonderful people we get to meet and share the arctic with—and this summer provided a highlight for us as we got to do a Conservation Lands Foundation custom trip to the Teshekpuk Lake area with one of our heroes, former […]


Climate Change


Climate change just went to another level for us here. After breaking a record for the latest snowfall (on top of our still unmelted winter snow pack) and coldest overall temperatures in May, we had a complete switch in weather the last week of May as almost overnight the temperatures soared into the 90’s! And […]


Sacred Places

April 2013

We just returned home from the most wonderful 20th anniversary celebration of the Alaska Wilderness League in Washington DC. We’ve been involved in and grateful for the AWL since its founding, and the 20th anniversary dinner event was a heartfelt and laughter filled gathering of people from across the country who’ve contributed in many ways […]