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    The Premier Guiding Company in Alaska's Ultimate Wilderness

    With over 35 years of experience, Arctic Treks owners and master guides Jim Campbell and Carol Kasza have set the standard for quality wilderness trips.

    This vibrant arctic world is a source of constant renewal and inspiration for us, and it is our great joy to share the power of this timeless expanse with all who feel its magnetic pull.

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Kongakut River Rafting

Rafting the Kongakut is a classic Arctic river experience. Beginning in the heart of the mountains, we paddle this fast-paced river through beautiful wide valleys and exciting canyons, to the expansive vistas of the take-out point in the last foothills before the plains. From a high point above this camp, you can get an unobstructed […]


Nigu River Rafting


The Nigu River merges with the Etivluk, which then flows north into the immense Colville River drainage northwest of Gates of the Arctic National Park. These remote, rarely run rivers carve a course from within the mountains out across the rolling tundra of the north slope, offering an exceptional wilderness experience in vast, unusually beautiful […]


Canning River Rafting


This river, its lower stretch forming the NW boundary of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, is one of the Brooks Range’s often overlooked gems. Its unusual beauty has attracted landscape artists, enticing them to capture its colors, moods and vibrant energy. The beauty begins with the bush flight in from Arctic Village, through scenery so […]


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Arctic Coast Polar Bears


We’re excited to offer this opportunity to see and photograph 20-30 or more polar bears at a time in a unique setting on the edge of the Arctic Refuge. Each fall large numbers of polar bears swim to Barter Island from their summer hunting grounds on the pack ice of the Beaufort Sea, drawn by […]


Fall Caribou Basecamp

Fall caribou migration

One of several spectacular mountain lakes in the northwest corner of Gates of the Arctic National Park & Preserve is the setting for this trip, with rugged peaks soaring above the sweeping expanse of tundra. We pick these remote locations both for their remarkable beauty and the abundant wildlife. At this time of year, we […]


Nigu Backpack

Backpacking in the Brooks Range is the ultimate backpacking experience. Until you experience it, it’s hard to imagine what it feels like to be a true explorer, with absolutely no trails, markers or campsites directing your way. Instead, we rely on the vegetation and terrain to tell us the best way to navigate through this […]


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Conservation Plan for the Arctic

January 2015

Exciting news!! President Obama and the Dept. of the Interior announced the new Comprehensive Conservation Plan for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, which provides management direction for the Refuge for the next 15 years, and for the first time ever, recommends Wilderness designation for the entire Refuge, including the contested 1002 area on the coastal […]


Voice of the Wild

November 2013

Read full article HERE We just returned from the most wonderful celebration at the Burke Museum in Seattle, as we received the 2013 Voice of the Wild award from the Alaska Wilderness League, recognizing our commitment to promoting conservation for Alaska‚Äôs remarkable wild places. For us, this award was such a meaningful acknowledgement of all […]


Weather Patterns

Sept 2013

The unusual weather patterns that started this spring continued to surprise us as we moved into fall. The first week of August we had the most benign, gentle, warm weather we can ever recall for that time of year, as we floated leisurely down the Kongakut with a gentle tail wind and lounged on gravel […]